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issue x

Eileen R. Tabios [from The Ashbery Riff-Offs] • Sascha Akhtar [two poems] • Luke Roberts [Rosa] • Holly Pester [three poems] • Catherine Chen [Phatic Questions for Machinal Fate] • D.I. [Centuries are far from definitive texts] • Helen Charman [Technicalities] • Theodoros Chiotis [Rings of Fire [an algorithm of choice]] • Sarah Hayden [l4.5: For the 48 portraits] • Loll Junggeburth [The Genesis of the World is Retold through the Moving Image] • Nick-E Melville [the dogmatic future of the university] • Sonja Hristina BjeliĆ and Jiaoyang Li [In the Beginning (an echo)] • Jennifer RamsEy [remnants] • Arielle Tipa [three poems] • Alison Rumfitt [Spitspitspit] • hiromi suzuki [Soap Operas I and II] • Candice Wuehle [matricide] • Sneha Subramanian Kanta [two poems] • Ellen Dillon [Do Heave] • James Ardis [Just the Items] • Maria Sledmere [99 Rare Candies] [three images] • Andria Nyberg Forshage [three poems] • Allen Fisher [Black Pond 8 (first set)] • Vicky Ward [two poems] • Jean E [poems] • Yuna Lee Marshall [Uncanny Variations] • Molly Bendall [three poems] • Tessa Berring [three poems] • Naima Yael Tokunow [four poems] • Gemma Jackson [1941] • Alex Marsh [Nightloops] • Jennie Byrne [two poems] • Andrew Spragg & Beth Hopkins [making] • Connie JL [two poems] • Emily Martin [Provocation: Monger] • Lyndon Davies [two poems] • Snigdha Koirala [M4X 1G6] • Betsy Porritt [same new ritual] • David Felix [two visual poems] • Aditya Bahl [To a Formless Void]

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