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Issue XIII

DATABLEED would like to ask readers who can afford to do so to consider donating to Support K.'s Survivala fundraiser for a young Black trans woman living in temporary accommodation and unable to work due to COVID. 

Amelia Zhou [three poems]Max Henninger [two poems]Christie Evelyn [two poems]Luke Roberts [two poems]Tessa Berring and Kathrine Sowerby [two poems]Mistri Payne [two poems]Joshua Pollock [two poems]Ali Graham [two poems]Ian U Lockaby [two poems]Emelia Steenekamp and Oscar Keogh [Department of Home]Sam Weselowski [two poems]Marzia D'Amico [(a place)]Matt ffytche [two poems]Alicia Rodriguez [Kick]Tom Crompton [For Mutts]George Lynch [Gabriel]Danne Jobin [four poems]Cole Denyer [three poems]Hannah Levene [two poems]Ed Jarrett [three poems]Janani Ambikapathy [Extreme Inversion]Annwen Adams [two poems]Andrew Spragg [Two poemsJD Howse [from Perfect Sound Forever]Molly Ellen Pearson [three poems]Keith Tuma [from Studies in the Unnatural World]Rhiannon Auriol [two poems]Chris Ashby [from The Invisible]Kat Sinclair [Swilling, not yet Spring]Ulli Freer [31/1-1/2/2020]Helena Fornells [two poems]Tom Cowin [3 Revolutionary Songs of the Fatberg City State]Kara Goughnour [three poems]William Fuller [Microtones]Florence Uniacke [three poems]mjb [conditionals]hiromi suzuki [tWO poems]Victoria Ward [untitled]Tom Allen [two poems]Annie Muir [two poems]Frances Whorrall-Campbell [Manual]Petr Malásek [untitled]Kira Birch and Kieran Lee [three experiments]James Coghill [from Piddock]Eve Edinburgh [two poems]Jonathan Catherall [from soup crossing]Catherine Kelly [Little Orphan Annie Decoding Society]Joseph Spece [two poems]Camilla Nelson [excerpts from Lovesongs of Another Colour]

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