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Issue 15: The Reviews Issue (DEADLINE 31st January, 2023) 

Send us your poetry recommendations, top tens, hot lit takes, deep cuts, deep dives, puff pieces, creative responses, critical commentaries, poetry event write-ups, points-of-view letters, high praises, and diss tracks.


Get submitting!


Submission requirements: 


  • Please use standard formats such as Word doc, pdf, jpeg, mp3.

  • Send work to Nell Perry and Juha Virtanen at: datableedzine [at] 

  • Please specify which issue you’re submitting to in your email subject line.

  • Please ensure that you are happy with the layout and formatting of your work before submitting. We work with your original documents in order to retain the visuality of each submission as much as possible. 

  • Please note: we do not respond to submissions until after the deadline has passed. 

Editorial policy

  • No tedious meat. No neoliberal capitalism. No homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, or ableism.  

  • We do not provide feedback for submissions. 

  • Editorial decisions are final. We do not enter into discussions or negotiations about editorial choices. 

  • We do not read submissions outside of submission windows. 

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