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issue v

Amal Anon & clare lite [Screened 2015] · Jeff Hilson [A FINAL POEM WITH FULL STOPS] · Savannah Sevenzo [from colonised objects] · Jordan Abel [from Timeless American Classic] · Sean Bonney [from Letters in Turmoil] · Laurel Uziell [from SONG AGAINST THE WORLD] · Subashini Navaratnam [Two poems] · James Wilkes [After Josquin] · hiromi suzuki [IN SEARCH OF THE LIGHT] · Jill Jones [Two Poems] · Peter Hughes & John Hall [from Ignore Previous] · Linda Norton [Work] [The Cut-Flower Lobby] · Tim Atkins [from THE TIM ATKINS ANNUAL] · Kathrine Sowerby & Tessa Berring [Rhinoceros] · Jo Borden [unavoidable encounters] · Amy Sara Carroll [The Epic of American Civilization] [May Day || May 2nd] · Florence Uniacke [from THIEF] · cris cheek [From 1639] · Lital Khaikin [ONLY AN EXPERT CAN DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM: A STUDY OF THE REAL, IN EPISODES] · Gareth Farmer [from Strategic Forms] · Ian Cross [From Document] · Helen Dixon [fragments from Osario / Ossuary] · Allen Fisher [from _NO LONGER ALONE_] [from loggerheads] · Jessica Tillings [Bus De La Lum] · Gillian Laker [A Memory of Owls] · Elizabeth-Jane Burnett [LANDPAPERING] · Rowan Evans [Two poems] · Flo Sunnen [Butter

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