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issue three

Verity Spott [Against Trans* Manifestos] [For Sleeping. (anti manifesto, transitional terror).] [Trans* Manifesto - As A] Christina Chalmers [Master room] [Remembrances] CAConrad [DENISE LEVERTOV vs. BRUCE LEE: A (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual & Resulting Poem] Drew Milne [VOTE LICHEN] [three poems] Sarah Hayden [SiteVisit] Saul Williams & Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn [falling, down: Aerobics Contra-Buildings][Deptford Fly Through] Ágnes Lehóczky [The Museologist Swimmer] Camilla Nelson [[untitled]] Zia X [the architect] [oranges, or Why Does It Hurt When I See?] [just be yrself] Zach Ozma [untitled] Dolly Turing [Shadow Play] [Work Alright] Ollie Evans[sketches from ‘Portraits of the Middleincome (after Michaux)']  D.I. [Autobiographies Might Pass For Silence]  Nat Raha [untitled (euro excess)] [untitled (spores, shred physicality)][untitled (dominators europe) David Spittle [From LIGHT NOISE] Oana Avasilichioaei [Tracking D's Animal (A Survival)] Peter Manson [[Other sketches of 'Finale II']]  Jennifer Cooke & andrew spragg [An Interview about Apocalypse Dreams] Rhys Trimble [Branwen 7 Ways] Jonty Tiplady [Blank Space] [This is the real poem] Allen Fisher [from NO LONGER ALONE] Karen Veitch [Where Is Our Twentieth Century Promised][The Flea (after the folk song 'Benjamin Bowmaneer')] [Barra Bus Timetable] Luke McMullan [Steep yelp redress (from The Ruin)] Nia Davies [gash panic] [nature poem] [Poem for IUD] Lotto Thiessen [three dresses] Zack Haber [Excerpts from —what juts out from horizon] Mira Mattar [night tempers] Scott Thurston [from Moving] Gizem Okulu [agoraphobia] Sam Langer [two poems]




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