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Camilla nelson

This image sequence is taken from a larger project entitled ‘Blossom Works’, which made up part of Camilla’s practice-based PhD submission (Reading & Writing with a Tree: Performing ‘Nature Writing’ as Enquiry, 2012), where fragments from a series of writers’ texts were placed in amongst the apple buds and photographed through the process of bloom and decay. This project was part of an in-depth investigation into an apple tree’s agency, specifically its affect on the (re)composition of human language, usually in written form.


‘as we would have it as we thought’ is a fragment taken from Linda Black's 'In this land' (Shearsman 85 & 86).


Camilla is a language artist, researcher and collaborator across a range of forms. She is poetry editor for The Goose and founding editor of Singing Apple Press. More info and images from this project and other related works, are available here

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