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Emelia Steenekamp & Oscar Keogh

Steenekamp Keogh - PAGE 1.jpeg
Steenekamp Keogh - PAGE 2.jpeg
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Oskar Keogh is a South African multi-disciplinary artist, performer, writer, and sometimes just three children in a trench coat trying to sneak into a movie. Their work is often critical, always absurd, and centers around telling stories. Their queer, non-binary/trans identity informs some of what they do, but less than you would think. You can follow their art at @oskarsghost on Instagram.

Emelia Steenekamp is a South African writer living in South Korea. They have been published or have work forthcoming in The Gravity Of The Thing, Club Plum, Misery Tourism and Black Telephone. Their magnum opus was recently featured in esteemed art zine trashheap.

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