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Issue 14: The Sonnet Issue

Jay Gao [Body Sonnet: what could I do or travel to in order] | Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain [Love is love is love sonnets] | Nat Raha [two countersonnets for callie gardner] | Andrew Wells [Our Sad World Skates Red Brick] | Rebecca Martin [Exhibit of Traveling Bodies] | Suzanna Slack [was summer sonnets] | Michał Kamil Piotrowski [from The book of nonnets] | Angus Sinclair [Three Sonnets] | Yanita Georgieva [Bald Sonnet] | Tom Crompton [Definitions] | Maria Sledmere [Four Sonnets] | Fffirst Time [Cloud Sonnets] | Robert Hampson [Two Sonnets] | Hayley Wu [Mall Poem 1: in which i realise there is no way out if i go through] | Joshua Jones [from FOURTEEN SONNETS IN TRANSITION] | Katy Lewis Hood [from Dislog] | Mantra Mukim [Your Sorrow] | Arden Hunter [Five Vispo Pieces] | CD Boyland [2 Sonnets for Universal Credit] | Linda Kemp [Two Sonnets] | Andrew Spragg [Four Sonnets] | Kate Van Petten [Multitudes for Dr. Seuss] | Alex Marsh [Three Sonnets] | Tiel Aisha Ansari [Above the Capilano River] | Seth Copeland [from A Wichita Mountains Ontology] | Luke Roberts [The Commissar Vanishes] | Kyle Lovell [Two Sonnets] | Rhys Trimble [Four Sonnets] | JP Seabright [from The LaMDA Sonnets] | Declan Kavanagh [Delos] | Marie-Louise Eyres [My Angels are Orange] | VJ René [After Before Dawn] | Aodán McCardle [maybe it’s all about limits] | Christian Aldana [Two Sonnets] | George Reiner [The Last Ever Poem or Lack] | Katherine Franco [Three sonnets] | Chris Gutkind [Two 14-Liners] | Sam Campbell [Vault] | John Muckle [from Suffolk Curtals] | Rebecca Close [from The Acephale Sonnets] | Mau Baiocco [Two Sonnets] | Erica Scourti [the worms] | Fintan Calpin [Two Sonnets] | Annie Katchinska [girls’ book of heroines

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