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issue eleven

Jasmine Gibson [Untitled (for John & Taylor)] · Laura Elliott [from this is hunting] · Travis Lau [Two poems· Kat Sinclair [Home for Wayward Spiders] · Daniel Spicer [Two poems] · Azad Ashim Sharma [Three poems] · Karen Sandhu [Modest Joy] · Ava HofmanN [from leech-book] · Carol Watts [Three poems from Hammerheads] · Nasim Luczaj [Three poems] · Peter Myers [Trash Opera, or: I'm Not Sad the World Exists but I Am Sad Henry Kissinger Is Still Alive] [Nurdlesque, or: What is "Pock-Up"?] · Christina Chalmers [Two poems] · al anderson [hyperlyric] · Fred Spoliar [Blue] · Jazmine Linklater [Untitled (Chimeras)] · L Kiew [Two poems] · Flo Reynolds [Three poems] · Tam Blaxter [Two Poems] · Tom Betteridge [from Dressings] · Lucia Sellars [Tea and Bread] [Two Poems] · Konstantin Rega [Three poems] · Kashif Sharma-Patel [Two poems] · Maria Damon & Alan Sondheim [Stretched End-Rhymes and Pointless Memory’s Difficulty] · Lisa Samuels [[cloche]] · Alison Rumfitt [Ursa Major] · Nathan Walker [Dark Navigation] · Lotte L.S [Two poems] · Kyle Booten [from Mere Life: An Algorithmic Poem with Human Additions] · aodÁn mccardle [give a bird] · Sara Matson [Two poems] · Allen Fisher [Lake of Fire] [Infinite] · Katie Schaag [Two poem-Scripts] · Eileen R. Tabios [from Hay(na)ku Shadow Boxes Circles] · David Greaves [throw the maps in the air watch them get drenched when they fall] · hiromi suzuki [Voices in the Envelopes] · David Grundy [Two poems] · Jeff Hilson [from Organ Music] · TR Brady [Two poems] · Katy Lewis Hood [Shore]

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