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Tom Betteridge

Betteridge- from Dressings (NEW) 1 (1).j
Betteridge- from Dressings (NEW) 2 (1).j
Tom Betteridge’s most recent pamphlet of poems is Body Work, published by Sad Press (2018). Pedicure was published by sine wave peak press in 2017. His essays and poems have appeared elsewhere in journals including The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, Textual Practice, Blackbox Manifold, Hix Eros, Intercapillary Space, Jungftak, The Literateur, Scree, Spam, and Zarf, and in From London Out: An Anthology of Contemporary English Poetry (2017), edited by Luke Roberts. With Ellen Dillon he’s co-editing The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry’s forthcoming special issue on Peter Manson’s poetry and translations.



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