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Konstantin rega

Rega- What the River Took (1).jpg
Rega- Spilt Ashes (1).jpg
Rega- Beneath to Me (1).jpg
Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, I study British & American Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Every word in a poem is at the poet's expense: this is my philosophy. My poems are Asexual/Bi-romantic and neo-modernist, which revives the Modernist innovations of subverting traditional gender authority and narrative and making the personal universal. I have been published by The Claremont Review, Four Ties Lit Review, Minetta Review, Crack the Spine, FIVE:2:ONE, Adjacent Pineapple, Every Writer, Storm Cellar, The Write Launch, The Broadkill Review, and have won the ZO Magazine Silver Prize for Poetry and been a finalist for the 2018 Dan Veach Young Poets Award, and participated in DATABLEEDER ONE, and I am currently a Review Assistant for Newfound and a contributor to The Black Lion Journal. My blog:


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