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Issue dozenth

Nat Raha [(winter is coming)]Amy De’ath [Bernadette Sonnets]Andrea Abi-Karam [two poems]Mira Mattar [Amman Pieces I and III]Calliope Michail [from The Nature of the Physical Word] Jennifer Cooke [Antigone on the Phone]Nehaal Bajwa [Only limestone]Sean Wai Keung [Assorted Histories of Shaolin]Lucía Hinojosa [fertile action]Julia Rose Lewis [excerpts from Suburbiton]Allen Fisher [Black Pond 8 (fifth set)]Eleni Stecopoulos [SEMEIA kai TERATA]Sarah Dawson [Expecting a different result]Ryan Downum [two poems]Dolly Turing [Other Albion]Joey Frances [the importance of Earring Bee Nest]A. D. Lauren-Abunassar [Tacenda]Pratyusha [name gha/zal]Daniel Spicer [two poems]Iris Colomb [from Flakes of Fickle Quicklime]Beattie [caution: live bees in transit]David Hawkins [from Roading_under?blank_stars’]Nancy Gaffield [Song of the Shingle]Briony Hughes [Mindful less]Meryl Pugh [Of Commons]Doug Jones [posts]Emma Mackilligin [For Want of Memory]Linda Kemp [from Architectures,, for future social practice]Rushika Wick [two poems] Jill Jones [two poems]Grace Linden [two poems]J.I. Kleinberg [two poems]Al Anderson [Tenderloin]Alex Marsh [three poems]cris cheek [five poems]Paige Murphy [two poems]Sally-Shakti Willow [from [un].holy : 33 sonnets for Brigid]Cole Denyer [two poems]Kathrine Sowerby [Least of all electricity (1-5)]


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