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Alice Notley [three poems] • jaYy dodd [from CALIGINOUSlavender] • Rosmarie Waldrop [three poems] • Tomi Adegbayibi [from Colours and Tea] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #1: cohen poem] • Gelare Khoshgozaran [mm/dd/yyyy] • Olivia Cronk [from INTERRO-PORN] • Denise Bonetti [chairs are for sitting on] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #2: cosmos mollusc] • Danny Hayward [two poems] • Joanna C. Valente [collages] • Sam Langer & Tim Wright [PSYCHIC POEMS] • Verity Spott [poems] • Kinsey Cantrell [am i quiet enough at this latitude] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #3: i used to believe everything i read] • María Pérez Santana [from a little manual on pastel existence] • Peterson Ruiz [glitch poems] • Jeanine Webb [Redcollection] • hiromi Suzuki [Today’s Cuisine] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #4: Interference overlay] • George Life [from daybook (Hereditament)] • Jane Lewty [two poems] • Scherezade Siobhan [Wait/Waqt] • Nat Raha [i/(9x9)] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #5: light poem refracted] • Cat Woodward [poems] • Alison Graham [two poems] • tom crompton [pRovisions] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #6: linus slug redux] • HL Hazuka [three poems] • Steven Hitchins [Canalchemy collages] • Dolly Dollycore [Culture Breakdown] • James Coghill [<1] • Sarah Dawson [grass/fur] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #7: moderno manifestist] • Harry Brooks-Kent [from The Lovely Mechanics of Skinning] • Linda Kemp [from Stitch] • Allen Fisher [from Black Ponds] • matt martin [from boustrophedon] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #8: pinworm lex] • Astra Papachristodoulou [mirrorcube] • Jay Waters [memory manifesto] • Abhishek Chaudhary [videopoems] • Peter Hughes [Leopardi 28] • Pat Phaggs [nuisance insert #9: violence identifies the impotence of meaning] • Dan Eltringham [[Thirsty by seven thirty again but not beyond measure]]

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