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issue two

Sophie Mayer

     * feels

rachel warriner

   * from the self-sufficiency hand book

haley jenkins

   * Nyth nest

   * canueon cartref: notations 

bruno neiva

   * from sutures  

lisa jayne

   * body house

marianne morris

   * the year of no

   * satiation, gravitation, vibration,



carleen tibbetts

   * uprushed a pinked animal

shana bulhan haydock

   * the nightmare in which you kiss me

emilie dufresne

   * profit margin

   * medium and appropriation

naomi weber

   * except watching the trees

ed luker

   * from the sea together

sarah crewe

   * flick on a mountain top

   * erasure

   * daisyhead

wanda o'connor

   * fugue state

calum gardner

   * from void!friend

nathan walker

   * scaw

linda kemp

   * ashley sonnets

laurel uziell

   * wrong human acts

mike saunders

   * a sad grid of not-poetry about

    cognitive dissonance

   * email poem

florence uniacke

   * three poems

dorothy lehane

   * two poems

map 71 (lisa jayne & andy pyne)

   * xv

emilia weber

   * in tendril hours

luke Blake

   * photography, or, on the philosophy of  


vicky sparrow

   * sick note

anthony john

   * two poems

andrew spragg

   * it is through no small effort

    that part of this earth came

    to be on fire

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