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issue BC

Julia Lewis [Four Poems] ∙ Rachel Blau DuPlessis [Mackle, Shard, and Trace] ∙ Peter Hughes [A Beer for Ulf] ∙ Maisie Newman & Rowan Evans [15:44] ∙ Rhys Trimble [two poems] ∙ moss angel witchmonstr [extracts from Sea-Witch] ∙ Lucia Sellars [Two Poems] ∙ Maria Sledmere [Spells for Milk and Honey] [Three images] ∙ Nicky Melville [Extract from ABBODIES] ∙ Kelli Anne Noftle [from My Teenage Gospel Hour] ∙ Zack Haber [from Horrible Places] ∙ Hiromi Suzuki [Floating Treasures and Failures] ∙ Sam Langer [Two poems] ∙ Arkava Das [Four Poems] ∙ Gloria Dawson [Catalepsis] ∙ Malik Ameer Crumpler [Two Poems] ∙ KS Ernst [Burnout] [Old] [Sonnet for Sonny Rollins] ∙ Edmund Hardy [Two Poems] ∙ Texas Fontanella [some poems] ∙ Virna Teixeira [Two poems] ∙ Calum Hazell [extract from Notes on The Symptom] ∙ Jonathan Catherall [from corpus] ∙ Doug Jones [some posts] ∙ Imogen Cassels [Romanov] ∙ Antony John [Two poems] ∙ Natalie Joelle [Cap Ipsum] ∙ Alice Tarbuck [Two poems] ∙ Steven Hitchins [Canalchemy#4]

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