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Issue 111

Nat Raha [from de/compositions] ∙ Martha McCollough [Hell: why there is] ∙ Justin Katko [Fascist Generosity] ∙ D.i. [I Would Love to Be Able to Persuade You] ∙ Adrian Clarke [4 Austerity Measures] ∙ Stephen Collis [You're All Dead To Me Now] ∙ Meg Willing [from we do domestic] ∙ Momtaza Mehri [Two Poems] ∙ Amy Cutler [GLAUCUS (THE TRUMPET LUCERNARIA)] ∙ Allen Fisher [gecko licks] ∙ Kay Gabriel [Three Sonnets] ∙ aodán McCardle [what is this knowing each and each] ∙ Dolly Turing [What of guides and animals?] ∙ Calum Gardner [love call from letter 3: autumn] ∙ Haley Jenkins [deccan traps] ∙ Helen Charman [from Donations] ∙ Anna Reckin [Two Poems] ∙ hiromi suzuki ['guide'] ∙ Luna Montenegro [Seven Pointed Star] ∙ Harry Brooks-Kent [from Ricochet in Other Places] ∙ Verity Spott [Three sonnets] ∙ Lyndon Davies [Two Poems] ∙ Jessica Tillings [from Horse Blood] ∙ Calum Hazell [from Tends] ∙ Pratyusha [Transcript] ∙ Iris Colomb [Fracture] ∙ Karl M V Waugh [from Compression Sequence] ∙ Katy Lewis Hood [Exo Series] ∙ Raisa Imogen [Two Poems] ∙ David Greenslade [Three Poems] ∙ Katie Fanthorpe [Two poems] ∙ Chris Gutkind [everyday to hide] ∙ Maria Sledmere [Three images] [Two poems] ∙ Emily Martin [It is the surface that has become impossible] ∙ Tom Jenks [oak, a novella] [worms]

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