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issue one


Allen fisher


from loggerheads


from no longer alone


samantha walton


strange house


Aodan mccardle


* Is there a word for that


the James worse public address method


* parchfane


safiya allaf


* over emotional magnitude


* what happens when you break


Karl m v waugh


* the shape of force


*  excerpts from sequence: what's inside


anne laure coxam


Love (crystallisation) /
  Seasoned to Perfection


robert kiely


four poems


Stephen Collis


* The zombie suicides


samuel solomon


* play drive #2


* play drive #3


Ulli freer


* r.


* r.


kat peddie


ok cupid




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rebecca beauchamp


* from poems about bulimia


lila matsumoto


* inclined plane


tom betteridge


occam ocean 02/05/15


Jessica Pujol duran


* from paintings


nick-e melville


oiling palms


Lila matsumoto & adam butcher


* strawflower


tom bamford


preface 1 / preface 2


from twenty-five stupid poems against helicopters


Andrew taylor


from Liverpool warehousing co. ltd.


nisha ramayya


* responses to a tantric poetics


Daniel o' donnell-smith


* slow machines


Nat Raha


* untitled (ideations of the home)


* untitled (shutter out humming our)


* untitled (world picture experiment)


joshua clover


* essays on cinema: children of men


verity spott


* a little reverie - for sean bonney

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