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issue 4.0

zoË skoulding [from A Revolutionary calendar ] ۰ wendy mulford [satie-blob] ۰ daniel falb [two poems from cek] ۰ linda russo [plant light situating] [watercressing] ۰ martha mccullough [two storey train] ۰ daniel eltringham [instaphil to instar from fairest creatures ] ۰ joyce chong [a guide to anatomy: the mandible] [(re)assemble] ۰ Parveen & sandeep parmar [from 1000 lashes] ۰ ali znaidi [two sonnets] ۰ meg foulkes [from splitting ] ۰ ed luker [three poems۰ gillian lee [LUV?] ۰ molly beale [two poems] ۰ sammi gale [the work drinks itself to death on fame] ۰ rachel sills [beautiful woman who leads you to victory] [arcadia] ۰ dan barrow [three poems] ۰ rob holloway [from day train ] ۰ khairani barokka [stupor] ۰ colin lee marshall [& other undiagnosed] [phizzy tomes] ۰ dorothy lehane & Matthew Bourne [from Umwelt] ۰ beatriz garcia [gothic psychedelia] ۰ aodÁn mccardle [i saw a shameful shuffling] ۰ jazmine linklater [Ästhetik] ۰ nathan jones [ceaseless thing] ۰ andrew taylor [footnotes]

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