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Brenda Iijima [from Relaxation Time] • Beth Hopkins [four collages] • Catherine Wagner [How to make a poem to communicate using electronic mindmeld apparatus] • David Buuck [BEFORE OR AFTER THAT] • Aristilde Kirby [Gravure – Groseríal] • James Goodwin [Black Superimposition] • Colin Lee Marshall [Three Nidors] • Florence Uniacke [ Lak.E song o.RAn.GE Lak. esong] • Allen Fisher [Black Pond scraps] [Black Ponds] • Oscar Towe [calshot, kitchen garden, lathe, slump frost, and gorge] • Victoria Ward [Three poems] • Jonathan Skinner [Ear Islands] • Patricia Farrell [Come into the garden] • Angus Sinclair [True Pyramids] • Jill Khoury [Two poems] • Jennifer MacBain-Stephens [You Led Your Wraith to My House] • bruno neiva [IT CAN PRODUCE UP TO 250 LITRES OF LIQUID A DAY (1)] • Kathrine Sowerby [10/62] • Sean Bonney [Still: 7 Love Poems] • Lucia Sellars [touch] [Ethereal] [On Bread] • Sarah Cave [Three poems] • Geoffrey Gatza [I still believe Words Are Awkward] • Ellen Dillon [Ana Lemma's Eight Dilemmas] • hiromi suzuki [Une affaire] • Will Maclean [hydrophobe born underwater] • Florence Lenaers [Two poems] • Robert Kiely [Two poems] • Rebecca Close [first meeting of the artist's union in Barcelona] • William Fuller [Tractate] • Tessa Berring [Two poems] • Carol Dalton [Data Capture] • cris cheek [from 1639] • Saskia McCracken [Skying with Sappho] • Keith Tuma [Sunday Morning] • Eleanor Careless [the fleabag rest]

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